Прислал только что наш один девелопер, который сейчас в китае:

Hey guys, I am on holiday with family for the Chinese new year in China. Recently you may know the cononavirus kill many people here. Chinese government like to hide something untill everything lost control.

The entire Hubei province and Wuhan city is stuck now, all the transportation were forbidden include airport, train, high way, bus, and private cars in the city to control th the virus spreading. People were told to stay at home unless there is a need of basic life utilities. Unfortunately now the virus spread across China in different province. More and more people were confirmed to be infected, and more lost their life too. By for now, there are 4600+ infected and 106 were die. The new year holiday were extend by the government to keep people to stay away from the public transportation. Once one got infected, the entire flight, train passengers or village, town locals will be isolated from outside until to be confirmed fine. People start to store food at home in case of the out of control situation. This virus crisis and the national action taking by us is the most impressive one in my life. Hoping the actions would help to survive. I was planned to go back to London at next week, but it would depend on how the crisis is, some countries start reject passengers from China. I don't know if UK will apply the same rule in the coming days. If UK border is available for me, I would isolated myself from public of London for 2 weeks to confirm I am not infected during my travel, the UK border officer will also test me too then. I would not take any risk to make public health of UK in trouble. If the crisis is lost control, I will consider to work from China home, I cannot leave my family behind in such situation.